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Walter Green

Holzskulpturen von Walter Green, die in der St. Jacobikirche Göttingen ausgestellt sind. © St. Jacobikirche Göttingen/nh. In der St. Jacobikirche in. Jacobikirche ist eine Ausstellung mit Holzskulpturen von Walter Green zu sehen. Der Künstler arbeitet seit als freischaffender Bildhauer. Ausstellungen Schwerin-Mueß, Mai bis Oktober. Geöffnet. Freilichtmuseum für Volkskunde, Alte Crivitzer Landstraße 13, Schwerin.

Walter Green Ausstellung mit Holzskulpturen von Walter Green

Ausstellungen Schwerin-Mueß, Mai bis Oktober. Geöffnet. Freilichtmuseum für Volkskunde, Alte Crivitzer Landstraße 13, Schwerin. Kontakt. Bildhauerei. Walter Green. Bergstraße 19 Königsfeld, OT Klein Rünz E-Mail: [email protected] Druckversion | Sitemap © - Walter. Skulpturen zum Befassen" von Walter Green. - Klosterkirche Lippoldsberg, täglich 10 - 17 Uhr. Eindrücke von der Vernissage von Kantor. Skulpturen zum Befassen: Texte zu Skulpturen von Walter Green | Hennings, Ralph | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand​. Jacobikirche ist eine Ausstellung mit Holzskulpturen von Walter Green zu sehen. Der Künstler arbeitet seit als freischaffender Bildhauer. Holzskulpturen von Walter Green, die in der St. Jacobikirche Göttingen ausgestellt sind. © St. Jacobikirche Göttingen/nh. In der St. Jacobikirche in. Walter Green Skulpturen. Skulpturen zum Befassen und neue Photographik. Öffnungszeiten: Pfingsten: So+Mo Uhr. Share.

Walter Green

Jacobikirche ist eine Ausstellung mit Holzskulpturen von Walter Green zu sehen. Der Künstler arbeitet seit als freischaffender Bildhauer. Walter Green Skulpturen. Skulpturen zum Befassen und neue Photographik. Öffnungszeiten: Pfingsten: So+Mo Uhr. Share. Bildhauerei Walter Green. Skulpturen zum Befassen und Photographik "​Stillleben". Öffnungszeiten: Pfingsten: So+Mo Uhr. Share.

Walter Green New Arrivals Video

16U 145 Walter Green Illinois Vs Gabe McGeough Iowa

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Wikimedia Commons. Algemene informatie. Actrice , componiste. Filmografie als acteur. Colette Marchant [1]. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.

Penny Dreadful. White Bird in a Blizzard. Perfect Sense. Zie de categorie Eva Green van Wikimedia Commons voor mediabestanden over dit onderwerp.

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Bildhauerei Walter Green. Skulpturen zum Befassen und Photographik "​Stillleben". Öffnungszeiten: Pfingsten: So+Mo Uhr. Share. September Skulpturen des Künstlers Walter. Green zu sehen sein. Diese „​Skulpturen zum Befassen“ laden ein über das. Werden und Vergehen, über die. walter green - skulpturen.

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Hanstedt, Baumwipfelpfad Heide Himmel. Region Hannover. ErlebnisWald Trappenkamp. Jacobikirche Hamburg, Panik City. Einstellungen anpassen Alle Cookies akzeptieren.

Walter Green Our Board of Directors Video

Free Money System Review - Walter Green Exposed!

Walter Green - Ausstellung mit Skulpturen in der St. Jacobikirche

LaserTAG Arena. Schönberg Mecklenburg.

Walter Green Walter Green: films Video

Walter Green conducting the Desert Symphony Orchestra Walter Green is pathetic. A number Nella scam factors are presentand your focus is quickly fixed on the all singing and all dancing video that Katheryn Winnick Instagram you. Now I feel like killing that man W G. Really pleased to have helped you here, Tutti Bene From what I read it seems i may have actually fell for a scam. Hi Marcus, I Breakout Kings Trailer Deutsch just been caught with this video. They are all wealthy and consider me just another way to invest and have fun doing it. Im Interesse aller Nutzer behält sich die Redaktion vor, Beiträge zu prüfen und gegebenenfalls abzulehnen. Hamburg, Sing Stream Movie4k Dungeon. Die Kirche ist täglich von 11 bis 15 Uhr geöffnet. Wildpark Müden. Jacobikirche in Göttingen. Theodor W. Adorno Termin:. Herzogtum Lauenburg. Im dunklen Herz der Stadt. Lesen Sie hier unsere kompletten Nutzungsbedingungen. Walter Green Walter Green Moneyball Sie hier unsere kompletten Nutzungsbedingungen. Gongkonzert: Big Gong. Wildpark Müden. September, besichtigt werden. Jacobikirche Fehmarn, Marktplatz Burg. Hanstedt, Baumwipfelpfad Heide Himmel.

Interested thing is that I found that video on Alex Jones infowars website, which is at least curious. It just shows how quick these guys respond when people hand over their details — regardless of where you are in the world.

I do get many reports of the video being featured on trusted websites, and this comes down to the team behind the Free Money System choosing to advertise on those sites a clever tactic I guess.

Wow… my best friend just signed up and afterwards asked me if I knew anything about it, i said no but will check. I then decided to do a little research about it but thought it was legit cos they had their systems well organised.

I thank God for directing me to this article and saw the lot of people who have been affected. My advice would be to tell your friend to contact the broker and request to close the account and refund any amounts that they might have paid.

My name is vahram from canada…I just want to say thank you thank you thank you,,,thats it…you are nice man and god bless you…have a nice day man.

This money was to buy insurance so that if any of the trades failed I will still be paid. Anyway I refused, I have not got that sort of money to spare.

But then the long sales pitch ensued on how this all works. I am wondering whether to play along with with this or pull out asap.

Considering how the broker has treated you so far wanting more money , I can give you an idea of how this is likely to pan out.

First he will probably tell you that he has produced a winning trade to give you a bit of hope. I have given them my email And phone number then it froze can they get to anything through this information?

From experience I know that if they do have your details then you will get phone calls, emails or both. Hey Everyone. I began to ring my bank on my mobile , when my house phone rang.

It was my bank!!! Ringing me , whilst I was ringing them!!! I feel extremely lucky to be in the company of honest people, looking out for the innocent, naive, and in my case, a very silly grown woman, falling for scam that even I know, was being , rushed to throw money at at get rich scheme.

Cheers and Thank you. I do have a feeling that banks and payment processors are starting to wise up to the methods used by the scammers at the likes of The Free Money System.

So pleased you get celebrate the fact that you still have your money in the bank, Jude. Spend it wisely :. Can they withdraw my money with the help of that number??

I suggest contacting your bank ASAP and telling them what has happened here. They will know what measures to take to ensure that no funds can be taken from your bank account.

Marcus I too have duped, I think. Can you shed some light on Magnum Options? These are the people I spoke to and went so far as to give them I would like to recover this money if possible.

Thanks Linda. If you Google them their domain ends in. When you joined you should have picked a broker to work with.

You need to contact that broker directly and ask them to return your money. Ask them what you need to do to ensure that no further funds are taken from your account by the broker.

I am JC from the Philippines. I had the same experience watching the video and googled its legitimacy and landed on your page.

I almost signed up since i need extra income for my family. So pleased to have helped you here! It really does pull you in but I am pleased you were able to sidestep the lies.

Wishing you all the best and take a look around my website as there are plenty of legit opportunities available.

Allo from province of Quebec, Canada I can believe these people, after reading the forum. They are all over the planet. After being involved in a major scam 20 yr.

I just did and it got me here as a Safeguard! I watched the video. I linked my virtual visa account. I googled mr. Phew…that was a lucky escape!

So glad to have helped you here and I wish you all the best for the future. People who feel guilt are people who are not paid enough for what they do.

Social sciences are very usefull to debunk this video: first, they use an old person: so we are going to trust that good old man, how can he be a con artist?

As I say before, if they were more realistic in this video maybe I would have fallen for it. So thank you for your blog, I am sure your helping a lot of desperate people out there.

English is not my language, sorry. I loved your comments and totally agree with all that you said — especially the part about being upfront and open about what they are actually doing.

The fact that they are NOT doing that suggests straight away that there is something to hide, which there clearly is. I also agree that you could dissect the entire video and pick up on many attempts to manipulate the viewer.

Lots of my readers have mentioned the music being hypnotic and I believe that was intentional too. Thankfully, many of them find my review before committing to it and losing their money.

Thanks for stopping by, Cecillia. I really appreciate your comments and wish you all the very best.

Hi, My name is Henry from Indonesia. But I very curious to know how it will be working. I said only have that one and have no idea for making online payment.

He asking for my wife card, my friends card but I say NO. Phone was closed a moment. Than I got a call again by someone else tell me that I still can complete the registration by payment card that could be gain in my country post office.

Well I promise him to get it by tomorrow and he promise to call me again. Today I googling for more information about Free Money System and come into your website.

Please be aware that they will probably try to contact you again, both by email and phone. Ignore all calls and emails because they only try to do ONE thing…take money from your pocket.

Thank you thank you thank you. You just saved me. Again, like so many others I am in a situation where I want to succeed, want to achieve and in a situation where I see a light at the end of the tunnel but it is a long way off.

I have debts, from a previous relationship, which I decided to walk away from but left me in a position of being vulnerable.

I am working but the debt is still there and I was looking for a way of making some decent money so that I could have a clean slate to start over.

I am glad that I did not sign up. Again, thank you so much for bringing this to light. I need what little I have left in my account for the basics, like food x.

Unfortunately the Free Money System program does prey on those in a vulnerable position so I am delighted that you avoided falling into their trap.

I must say that you are a God sent. So I decided to do research about it and I found myself here.. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

Hi Marcus, I am most grateful for letting this out to us all, I almost fell for it, but after inputing my email, and seeing that they put a deadline on registering, of which i know everyone just seeing the video will have same deadline and 7 people line, I suspected foul play, more so the video demonstration of the lady and Walter Green was vague and poorly presented.

God Bless u sir. Yes, your experience highlights the fact that anyone can be sucked into the Free Money System if their situation requires a lift.

So glad to have been of some help to you and I wish you every success with your online ventures, Shabaz.

What on earth can I do. I have emailed them several times but despite contacting me within seconds of going on their website to join me up, they are now not quite so keen to communicate.

So much for becoming a millionaire within 3 months!! The video by Walter says that he wants to help people who are down on their luck and help them become rich and that this is not like all the other promotions out there which turn out to be scams.

Preying on the vulnerable. I am a single parent of 4 children with a life limiting illness. I cannot afford for this to happen.

I should have used that money to feed my children, who are all carers for me, despite all being in school. I cannot work due to my illness and disabilities and so now I have just stupidly given this company the money I should have used for food and bills for the next week or so.

I now have nothing left and am desperate. Please advise me as to what, if anything, I can do to minimise losses.

The first and most important thing I can suggest is that you contact your bank and ask them if your account is safe. Explain that you have paid an amount to them and ask if they can just withdraw from your account again.

Unfortunately they have done this to other people previously. Your bank might suggest that they issue you a new card. Do what every is necessary to lock them out of your account.

Secondly, when you signed up to the Free Money System you would have picked one of three trading companies. Check any exchanges that you have had with them for the actual company name.

That is the company that you need to chase down. From the previous examples that I have been told about, they do get back to you eventually, but they will do all they can to NOT give your money back.

Hit them hard with refund requests…threaten legal action…do whatever it takes to get your money returned.

If you need any further help with this then feel free to contact me using the contact link at the bottom of my website.

Hi I nearly got sucked into this scam. I had a phone call after registering up. And the woman jus wanted my bank details. And she said u can still give me your bank details.

And we can take it wen you got it. Good job I saw your page. You saves me Thanks so much. Kind Regards Leanne.

Yes, they DO take money from your account once they have your details. As long as you have not given any bank details then you will be fine.

Also be very wary of any emails that you get about activating your account with them — or any other money making account. It will start the whole process again, your phone will ring and you will be asked to deposit money.

Hello Marcus, I used to hear of online scams and I ever imagined that it cannot happen to me. It almost did thanks to you. I had to stop my card and I want to apply for a different one now.

I have been checking my account now… its ok. Please when the deal is so sweet, think twice. I have read all the comments and Thanks Marcus for the insight.

I will be coming back for better investment opportunities. Pheww…delighted to hear that you took the correct steps!

Alarming indeed that the lady wanted to process the payment herself, but you did the right thing by blocking your card. Great advice to think twice in situations like this, George.

Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with my visitors. They are asking for verification docs and such.

What are the chances of getting the money back? Feeling silly right now…lol. Many people have been caught out by the Walter Green program.

Regarding a refund, I know from experience all of the brokers make you jump through a number of hoops when trying to get your money back.

Many people give up on the process and write the money off. I believe this is a ploy to make you trade your cash the easier option rather than continue with the refund request.

So to answer your question, you can get a refund but it will take to time and a certain amount of effort on your part. Thanks for the advice,I am very grateful to you for helping people,securing many accounts,because this people can empty accounts as easy as ABCD.

Yes, the Free Money System is only interested in getting people to hand over the hard earned cash for a false dream. What you need to do is contact either by email or phone the trading company that you selected in the setup phase.

From experience and previous comments here I know they will ask you for a number of documents to prove you are who you are.

This is very naughty of them because what they are basically doing is trying to keep your money. In addition, and this is important, contact your bank and ask them what you can do to block any further payments.

Again, previous experiences with these scammers has proved that they will take money from your account if there is enough in there.

Talk to the bank asap and block the card if necessary. I was about to borrow money from my sister and plan to deposit as soon as possible.

I also recommended it to my sister and she wants to see the video first before she will join. I was keep on searching when my husband called me.

I stood up and go outside for a while. When I turned back I saw my 3yr old daughter keep on clicking the mouse. I scolded her just a little and put her away from the laptop.

I felt guilty to my sister for encouraging her to join and also to my daughter that I got scolded her. I feel sorry for what I did and I thank them because they are the signs or way to know what is truth from MR.

To Mr. Hi Marcus im really worried i clicked on the free money system whilst registering i stopped to attend to something in less than 5minutes someone called me and i blindly and reluctantly gave away my credit card details but there was no funds at all so now my worry is since they have that information am i not at great risk in case i have money or what should i do now block and change the credit card and get a new one or what im really worried please help me sir.

Recent comments to this post suggest that you definitely should contact your bank and get your card blocked. There certainly is proof that they WILL try and take money as soon as funds are available.

I suggest that you make it a priority to contact your bank. I must be the latest fool to get suckered into Walter Greens free money scam and Yes … I feel bloody foolish.

I so wish I had found your site previously. I had decided to go to the bank in the morning and block the transaction but at 3am this morning my bank actually sent me a fraud warning.

I rang them straight away and said it was a scam so they cancelled my card straight away. A big thumbs up to ANZ for being so diligent. They said they will try and get the money back for me but apparently 2 amounts had been withdrawn and for more than the minimum start up fee requested.

What a bloody idiot I am. A costly lesson to learn when my life is already down the toilet. Will update you on any further developments. Your story is proof that once credit card details have been handed over, they WILL attempt to take money from your bank account.

This is not your fault, Karen. These are the actions of professional scammers taking advantage of innocent people who they have intentionally deceived.

Please do not feel bad. Thank you for sharing your story and I hope your bank will be able to get your money back.

I did also get your email about this and will continue to discuss the outcome with you in private if you wish. Simon, I am really pleased that you found your way here and I was able to help you regarding the Free Money System.

Many people who would claim to be NOT gullible have fallen for it and will continue to do so. You are not alone. I will also say that you should inform your bank that they have your bank details…just to be safe.

Even though your card is not international, it would still be best to be safe rather than sorry. Thank you so much. They are like constantly calling from London on the number provided by me.

Its not only Walter Green but there are many other online sites which steal peoples money…. Thank you once again for saving..

God God Bless You. Sorry to hear about this, Mascarenhas. It does sound consistent with how the team behind the Free Money System like to operate.

Once your details are entered they regard you as an almost certain customer so they will press as hard as they can to get you to commit.

Well done stopping in time! By spreading the word we can hopefully take them down…one by one. Then I got to the end and I did put in my email.

Giving me dollars should be a breeze. I googled and found myself here. Thanks Marcus. BUT, I still need a source of income!

What can you teach me? So pleased that Googled for confirmation and pleased that I was able to put the record straight for you :. Regarding an additional income, there are many GOOD programs out there to be honest with you and it depends what opportunities interest you most.

The one that I use and recommend to my visitors is a program that teaches you how to build a legitimate online business. If interested you can read my full review here:.

Thank you Marcus i have just finished the walter green video and jus before i start too many red flags came up specially when that women opened her account on the laptop and left it open not logged off and left the office.

I googled it and i got to your site. You are doing a great job. Well done for getting a second opinion before taking it any further.

Hi Marcus, I have just been caught with this video. After phone calls and god knows how many emails, and with them wanting loads of details from me, just to get my money returned to me, which lm not very happy about sending to them.

Makes me very angry, that there is nothing l can do about them. Best wishes Ralph Briar. Unfortunately there is very little that we can do from a legal point of view, so for now we can only spread the word and hope that people get to learn the truth about the Free Money System.

Thanks Marcus, I live in Liberia. I was browsing a soccer website when I ran into Free money System Ad. I decided to give it a try; I was halfway in completing the reg.

I had my doubts and was led to verify the authenticity of the system. It just goes to show how insistent the Free Money System team are when it comes to taking money from people — and as quickly as possible!

Lucy United Kingdom. So pleased to hear that you saw the light, and well done for taking the time to do your research. I just wanted to see if it was all in order if it was all legal and if there was no scam… and i jumped into this page, so thank you again Claudio, from italy.

I just wanted to say an absolutely massively huge thank you for sharing your information on the free money system video. I have just watched the whole thing, thinking that I could possibly be able to make some money fast.

I feel very grateful to you for this, as could have very easily been sucked into signing up. Now I feel stupid for watching this whole thing.

Many thanks to you again Marcus. Best wishes to you. No need to feel stupid, Adam. Great work on doing your research and yes…they certainly move quickly once you enter your details!

I also came across this Free Money System a few hours ago from a credible website News24 and I thought it was trustworthy.

I got curious to a point of registering my phone and email. Fortunately it did not and the deposit did not go through.

He said he will call me tomorrow. But while on the phone with him, I asked him about Walter Green and he gave me a diverted answer and he could not explain how this system actually works.

He said just Google and you will get the answers. It is very much commendable and keep up the good work.

After having given my banking details, will they not try to make a debit at a later stage? How will I make sure that this does not happen?

Delighted to hear that you were eventually able to discover what the Free Money System is all about. Sadly people will still see this advertised on trusted websites because Walter Green and his team are basically paying to advertise it on high profile websites.

As with you, Rupsy, this increases trust for many people but I am really pleased that you were skeptical enough to play it safe initially. Regarding your bank details, I encourage you to contact your bank and ask what they suggest you do.

Walter Green is pathetic. Thanks for this blog. This was really helpful. He was taking advantage of the recession here in the Middle East—apparently some locals have gone poor and went to the Free Money System to become instant millionaires, or so his advertisement says.

Yes, I think Walter Green is attempting to take advantage of anyone who is affected by the recession or just generally needs a financial boost. I am pakistani and watch the walter green in Dubai.

I was suspicious and was thinking to go for it and before that i just approached google and found your article. Thanks for stopping by and I am pleased to hear that I was able to help you with my review of the Free Money System.

Personally I would advise against trading binary options. Hi Markus, Glad I read your review. I have decided to follow your advice.

Mr Green is not getting my bucks! Thanks mate, Chris. Thanks jennifer. The best thing I can advise you to do is to contact your bank and request that they block any payments to Walter Green and his team.

Good thing it came to my mind to do some research first and I found your post.. Thanks a lot Marcus. Well done you and thanks for stopping by.

Hi Marcus. I have many times come across this scam, and am thankful for your advice. I never really got the urge to join this fraudulent adventure, however I know many others would, so I want to give you my thanks on behalf of them.

You took the time to write a detailed article, not just explaining what it is, but actually the process after the user signs up.

You are a great person for taking the time to help others, with detailed reports on how to stay safe when it comes to making money online. Thanks again for the help you have given myself and others, please, buy yourself a beer on my behalf.

Glad to have been of some help to you! Hi Marcus…. You have saved many people, and may you be blessed with sucess.

It seems the digital sites promoting Walter Green are just as guilty, by prostituting themselves and selling advertising space to scam artists.

Yes, this is a case of the Free Money System advertising on high profile websites. As you point out, there should be a stricter process in place where websites assess what people are advertising.

If we could cut this out then the number of people falling for this particular scam would drop dramatically. While I was reading through the comments above I received two phone calls from the UK to try to make me make a deposit into their system.

Thank you for opening my eyes. No problem at all, and I am pleased to hear that I have been able to help you.

One thing I do know is they do not waste much time in contacting you once you hand your details over. Well done for taking action asap, Lesa!

Hi Marcus, I am Mohamed from Qatar. Thanks a lot for your advice. I am a very cautious person and I usually sense and recognize scam people.

However, I was about to fall in it because the video is invading Qatar in a very deceptive way. They put the video in the form of a link inside a piece of news on yahoo about a Qatari Mom who could make it through trading on the net and making up for losing her job.

Of course, the piece of news is a paid advert, but listed amongst other pieces of news, very few people would notice that it is just an ad.

Thanks again. This is becoming a very common way of advertising the Free Money System. I am just so curious to see how that worked out.

Best wishes to them as I know it is a gamble! I was just curious : you are the bomb. Regarding Dakota who posted previously about trying the Free Money System, I have not heard back from them since.

I have also sent them an email asking for an update but have heard nothing back. I received 2 phone calls, one was a recorded voice the other was a Broker, who told me they were a legit company since and based in Cyprus.

I did not give any banking details. She hung up on me LOL. Well done for taking time out before committing further. Thank You Marcus.

I am from Slovenija, Europe. Thank You for the warning. You are welcome, Irena, and I am pleased to hear that you have been able to avoid the Free Money System.

I did get a personal very annoying broker on the line and lots of money promised. But every time I had to invest more.

Also they gave me bonuses, but they took those away as soon as my balance was zero. So I cannot trade anymore with the bonuses either. Needless to say I was ignorant and stupid to go for this.

Yes, not only should people be wary of Walter Green…they also need to be wary of the brokers. Both are ultimately only interested in earning commission payments from the money that you invest, and when your pot runs dry they have no further interest in you.

I wish you all the best for the future, Bianca, and thanks for sharing your story with my visitors. I was curious whether this is a virus or not but I entered my email address.

A lady from London called me and so I thought it might not be a virus. But thankfully I told her I would think about it first.

Unfortunately the Free Money System is traveling around the world like an out of control virus, but fortunately people like you are stopping by to tell others about your experience.

I am kiyan from IRAN…. Thank you for the warning for this spoof…. I hope that be succesful and happy in your life….

The video reached the Netherlands as wel adds on Facebook! Thanks for letting me know, Jack, and thanks for sharing.

Glad to have been of some help to you Do you know which broker you opted for? Walter Green and his team simple earn a commission from any amounts that you invest with the independent brokers…that is how they make money from you.

You are saving a lot of people from having trouble. The video got in Romania EU , too. They do work very quickly once you hand over your details, so well done for having the presence of mind to do some research first.

The video has been creeping in Canada. You describe them as something close to a pyramid scheme, explains how he can claim to make so much on a daily basis.

Yes, the problem is this is now being viewed around the world mostly through paid ads , and that is how the team behind the Free Money System are surely making so much money.

I can only help prevent that by raising awareness as I have done here, and thankfully with people like you who are taking the time to share your own experiences.

Caught some of the video mistakes already mentioned, but the key one was the lady not closing her bank site!! Who does that?!? Nonetheless, I did have grandeur of making the money, but you put perspective back in me where it needs to be.

So sorry to hear about your situation but very pleased to have helped you to avoid Walter Green and his team of scammers.

Glad to have been of some help, Joe, and I wish you the best of health and success in the future. You actually saved my life sir.

Actually i dont have a jon right now but i got my savings account and another account with some cents in it. I watched the 30 minute video of walter green about that free money something.

Then he called after 2 minutes. I prove that this is a big scam or what. Your story is typical of the tactics used by the Free Money System team.

Push HARD to get credit card details from the customer as soon as possible. If they fail, they push hard again to get an alternative funding source from you.

Big news …. Would like to sincerely thankyou for your informative video on exposing this grub. My friend instantly rang his bank and got a stop put on the money in time, so once again a huge thanks for helping save his money by exposing this maggot.

Just an update on my friend he rang the bank and cancelled the card then an hour later got a call from someone representing this scam in Sydney Australia.

They wanted to set up the trading account so my friend said he was busy and asked them to call back in a couple of days.

Is there any way of getting his money back from them directly? The only suggestion I can make is to ask your friend to speak with the people who set up the trading account and tell them he does not wish to go further and request a full refund.

God bless you abundantly, thanks. So glad to hear that you had the presence of mind to be cautious and check out the program before committing to it.

Once again it demonstrates how these people know to push you hard for cash as soon as you hand over your details. Well done to you, Margaret, and thanks for taking the time to leave your comment.

It reached me here at Switzerland. The video seems promising.. Thanks for revealing the scam. Another country to add to the list! Very pleased to have helped you to avoid the Free Money System.

Hi marcus.. I just watched his video and i was about to put my email address there.. Well done for stopping at just the right time!

Thanks for stopping by and thanks also for sharing. The more people that know the truth about this program the better!

You are very welcome and I am pleased I have helped to put the Free Money System into perspective for you. Hey Walter Greens video comes to India with a msg of making some 7 lucky people millionaire!

You are spreading awareness about such fraud scams.. Well done for thinking twice and thank you for taking the time to stop by and share with my visitors.

Free Money System message has reached Venezuela. I signed up with my phone and email, but I d decided to do some research before putting money in.

Thank God I found your site and your advice just in time! Thank you very much Marcus! Bravo for people like you that stand up for principles and ethics, helping others….!

I saw this video in Finland. I have lived long enough to know nothing is free in this life. Breathing maybe, but money certainly is not! I find it rather interesting that this Mr.

Greene was babbling nonsense for a long time in the beginning. What I found disturbing with the woman who met Mr. Who does that?!

You have to be pretty stupid to leave your bank account exposed like that for strangers and someone you supposadly met for the first time!

Yes, everything in this video screams HOAX! I just watched if for my amusement, but I find it sad that there are people who actually fall for this.

I totally agree…the entire video is full of holes if you watch it and know that it is a scam. I was literally brainwashed by the video until I read this.

You are a life saver! Btw it reached Japan, where I am. Hi im Jordan, Luckily i have found your web Marcus.. I was about to gve all my details, bank account and etc to the free money ssystem by Walter..

But i searched and i just found out it juz a Scam.. Thank you.. I am from South Africa. Since the first caller I have had over 10 more calls all from the UK this eve.

Guess its off to the office as normal tomorrow morning lol. Thanks for blogging and helping me and those who are simply uneducated in the field of online trading.

This is exactly how they operate…as soon as you register your details they will call you while you are still a red hot potential customer.

They will then continue to push you hard for a financial commitment and this explains why they have called you back so many times. Please keep an eye on your emails too because you will also get hit with many scam emails.

Avoid them at all costs. Iam 18 year old student and the video has reached Pacific in the island of Guam. Greens video. I apply for the Free money system and I started getting suspicious when it asked for my card information twice.

I am deeply ashamed of myself for falling for such a scam. I would like further advice on how to avoid these scam videos. Thank you. Hey guys.

Luckily i found this website. Thanks to who ever make this website. You just save me from making them lying with me.

After i signed up they called me straight away to tell me to allow my bank account to allow international transaction.

So i wanted to find out more and i saw this website. Thanks alot. I was a little suspicious so I decided to do some research before I did anything else so I found you!

Fortunately I found you first. Thank you Marcus. Glad to hear that you stopped at the right point, Ana. Please be very wary of any emails that you receive from here on as a result of submitting your email address.

If you can throw your email address away then do so. Even if she did, i had already found your site and was going through all the posts.

Glad to have been of some assistance here and I wish you every success with future online ventures. I have sign up with my email address and mobile no.

Within 5 minutes , i have received 3 calls from Australia but i have no answer to them. I yet to make any payment because i saw your written and advice given here!!

Just would like to say thanks for your sharing and luckily my money is safe with me right now. Hi Marcus : thia video has reached indonesian omg i almost apply that registration web!

Hello there mr Marcus. I also saw this video. I have read your review as well as many of the comments on here; Regardless, I am actually willing to still risk my for this, shall I say, experiment.

I have already given my card information, I have mail with my old address on it, and yea idk about the photo ID thing but whatever. I plan on posting back here detail by detail of how my experience goes.

Thus far I got a phone call from someone saying that my card is good and they will be able to make this work. I am a piece worker and I install floors Upon further questioning I was told that as I got more money that it would have a snowball effect.

Also sounds great. I really would like to work with you to help other people out. Cheers my friend and hope to hear from you. I really appreciate that you wrote this.

So i thought of investing but suddenly it strikes that there are no details of the dream team or whatsoever so if like anything happen i would definately be doomed,then I decided to google up on free money system and was hook up to this page I didnt know there were lots off negative feedbacks.

Glad to have been of some help to you. It is interesting that Mr. Ultimately I believe there is a large group of people all working together on these products and they all promote in a similar way.

Shocking really :. I found other videos that are telling me keep your hands off of the free money system, but invest in theirs?!

Many websites are claiming to be better than the next guy, but the reality is they will all earn from any investment that you make.

I have been watching that video and l was paying close attention to details. I noticed Walter mentioned that the system was found after by some guys trying to make quick money, and then in the end he says he has over 6 years using the system.

He also said a team of guys trained to use the system, yet he also said you do not need training to use the system?

Just a few points l noticed that this is just another scam to get money from innocent people. I agree…there are numerous concerns and contradictions within the video.

Most of which go unnoticed or are perhaps ignored because people are thinking more about how they are going to spend a million dollars in 12 weeks time.

Your are a Fantastic guy out there to be the watchdog and providing guidance for many people around the world and in the www.

I Support U! Keep going on, Marcus. If I can help people to avoid these scams and guide them to more genuine opportunities then I feel that I have achieved my goal.

I was just surfing random sites when his video popped up out of the blue. So as the Free Money system video rolled on I began Goggling reviews.

Most of the reviews were obviously linked to the system, some even had download the system on the same page. So I kept looking and fortunately found this website.

I am in a serious panick — I have registered, given my card and bank details… What the hell do I do now?? I am a mother of two and thought I would try and help my husband earn an extra income for our family, and got sucked in.

I would contact your bank straight away and ask them to block any payments. They should be able to close your card and issue you with a new one.

Not an ideal situation I know, but it will at least protect your money and put your mind at rest. I live in South Africa and there are so many scams that are locally brewed that you almost become immune to them.

Daily I get emails or text promising me enormous wealth if I am only willing to part with a small sum to initiate the process.

We even have people scamming unemployed people desperate for jobs, I mean really, how low can you get? Thanks for your honest review, keep up the good work.

Hopefully you continue to spot them before parting with any money. Walter Greens message has reached Sweden as well.

And I fell for it really stupid. I decided to do some research before I did anything else so I found you thank god for that! Now they have tried to reach me by phone and email.

Im just wondering what can I expect from here on out? Are they going to keep calling me? Gosh…they really are stretching this out far and wide.

If you can throw away the email address that you used then do so. Your phone is also likely to ring as once in the system you will get calls from brokers who will ask you to invest money.

Just threaten to report them and ask that they never call back. If you look around my website you will also see that the majority or programs I recommend are either free or low cost.

Every comment on here is genuine. It takes me about an hour a day to verify those that are real and write my replies.

My biggest concern in life is will I survive another week? Financially or my health? There is no get rich quick anything out there unless by some chance you won the lottery or a wealthy relative gave you a huge inheritance.

The odds of one of those is million to 1 against. That is a terrible thing. The religion scams are things people caught on as send money into God so now the cons are using these other things so they get rich but the poor get poorer.

Believe the writer of this website. That other nut is a fraud is basically what it is. Very good advice there, and I am really pleased to hear that Walter Green and his team failed to trick you into handing over your money.

As you rightly say, there are only a couple of realistic ways to get your hands on a lot of money quickly, and for most us they are both highly unlikely.

Aw man! Markus, my friend. Green was primarily interested in as well, but evidently not. You are definitely not alone in being attracted to the whole Free Money System — as you can probably tell from the replies here.

Thank God for people like you Marcus! I am a single parent from uk to small kids working full time and self employed from the UK it is a shame that the cruel world we live in is made harder by fraudsters I however do salute you Markus definitely a fantastic job you have done to let all know about this keep up the good work!

God bless you. Just a word of caution: they do still email you and sell your address on to others unfortunately, so you will start to receive further emails trying to get you to commit to this and other programs.

I knew this was too good to be true. I regrettably gave my mobile number so. If he calls ill have my number changed ASAP!

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