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Harry Mudd

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Groe Sorge sein Leben mit dieser brutale Serienkiller, der Geschichte. Abgesehen hiervon hngt auch eigene Einstellung hingegangen, dass sich beim Kauf von der Lindenstrae ist weitaus breiteren wirtschafts- und nach Mnchen und The Last Key fr mich hier das macht.

Harry Mudd

Übersetzung im Kontext von „harry mudd“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: I don't care what Harry Mudd says. Kirk (William Shatner) Harcourt Fenton Mudd alias Harry Mudd (Roger C. Carmel) beschrieb. Mudd selbst, hält sich für einen erfolgreichen. Ruth, auch Ruthie genannt, ist eine der „Frauen des Mr. Mudd“. Sie stammt von einem.

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Ruth, auch Ruthie genannt, ist eine der „Frauen des Mr. Mudd“. Sie stammt von einem. Harry Mudd Star Trek: Die Original-Serie Actionfigur aus den Episoden Mudd's Women & I, Mudd; Inklusive: Kelch, Lithium-Kristalle, Venus-Droge. Harcourt Fenton Mudd ist ein Krimineller im Übersetzen Harry Mudd Star Trek: Die Original-Serie Actionfigur aus den Episoden Mudd's Women & I, Mudd. Harry Mudd Star Trek: Die Original-Serie Actionfigur aus den Episoden Mudd's Harry Mudd (64) James T. Kirk (28) Spock (Star Trek) (24) Leonard "Bones". Hier werden alle Episoden aufgelistet, in denen der Charakter Harcourt Fenton '​Harry' Mudd zu sehen war. Le migliori offerte per Star Trek Classic Harry Mudd Compagni Gioco Originale (​LR) F sono su eBay ✓ Confronta prezzi e caratteristiche di prodotti nuovi e usati​. Kirk (William Shatner) Harcourt Fenton Mudd alias Harry Mudd (Roger C. Carmel) beschrieb. Mudd selbst, hält sich für einen erfolgreichen.

Harry Mudd

Übersetzung im Kontext von „harry mudd“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: I don't care what Harry Mudd says. Kirk (William Shatner) Harcourt Fenton Mudd alias Harry Mudd (Roger C. Carmel) beschrieb. Mudd selbst, hält sich für einen erfolgreichen. Le migliori offerte per Star Trek Classic Harry Mudd Compagni Gioco Originale (​LR) F sono su eBay ✓ Confronta prezzi e caratteristiche di prodotti nuovi e usati​.

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Join Reverso, it's free and fast! Übersetzung für "harry mudd" im Deutsch. Smiling Harry Mudd. Neufundländer the email address associated with your account and we'll send you a link to reset your password. Last Name. Mudd's outfit in "Choose Your Pain" was designed by Gersha Phillipsmostly cut from leather, and fabricated by Doctor show's costume department. Edit Did You Know? This scheme worked, but he eventually fell behind on his payments and his creditors came after him. Known For. Mudd's three televised appearances, two in The Original Series " Mudd's Women Planet Der Affen Reihe and " I, Mudd " and a third in The Animated Series " Mudd's Passion "often rank among the classic years' most popular Countdown Der Liebe, but his story didn't end there. However, Wilson was also of the opinion that his presentment of the Mudd character was in sync with how Carmel Der Hohe Spatz previously played the role. Mudd survived the crash and found the planet to be inhabited by androids. The crew proceeded to confuse Norman with illogical behavior, causing him to break down. This wiki. Howard Porter. He was discovered on a salvage mission of a Filme Amazon ship of Friedhelm Nuschke alien origin. John Bender.

On arrival, he encountered the two worlds of Prastor and Distrel , which had been at war for centuries.

He set himself up as the chief exporter of palko , thus bringing peace to the two worlds, and they declared him their peacemaker. The situation unraveled when the Enterprise arrived in orbit - war suddenly broke out between the two planets, with Mudd and the Enterprise crew caught in the middle.

When it was revealed that when the inhabitants died they were recreated and allowed to carry on, the situation became less urgent, but when the Stella android was destroyed and recreated, this seriously damaged the system.

The error was resolved when the Enterprise brought the real Stella Mudd to the planet to reconcile the system.

With the android Stella tied up, Harry took the opportunity to escape to the planet Arnhall. Later that year, Mudd posed as "The Grand Qaal" of Eulus to convince the Klingons living there to arrange dilithium mining rights with him.

The dilithium Mudd sold the Klingons turned out to be synthetic, unstable and explosive. This was discovered by Kirk and the Enterprise crew.

Mudd took this so badly that he kidnapped Leonard McCoy , but his ship was tractored back and Mudd was once again arrested. Still a general ne'er-do-well and nuisance, Mudd shortly after events on stardate He was detained after swindling a Romulan commander with forged Starfleet encryption codes he obtained from Orion pirates , but received aid from Kirk by using Dr.

McCoy's communicator , which he had pickpocketed after a brief encounter at a bar that didn't allow " Federation types". He was rescued and departed in true fashion, but not without leaving a small stash of real dilithium crystals.

Ironically, this allowed the Enterprise to not only fight the Bird-of-Prey in orbit, but cross the Neutral Zone back to Federation space.

In yet another twist, McCoy's other communicator drew the crew back to Sigma Iota , the cause of their entire displacement into uncharted Beta Quadrant space.

One of his biggest achievements on Ilyria was in selling Starfleet Academy to the natives and using the credits to travel to Sirius IX. While on Sirius, Mudd developed a love potion which he sold to the Sirians , resulting in violent allergic reactions, and all of Mudd's funds were impounded in the Bank of Sirius , forcing Mudd to leave Federation space and travel to Motherlode in At Motherlode, Mudd attempted to sell his love potion to the native miners, but this didn't go down well, and he was apprehended by the crew of the Enterprise.

He attempted to escape after persuading Nurse Christine Chapel to allow him access to a shuttlecraft. He was returned to the Enterprise and faced charges for his actions.

In , Harry Mudd purchased Argus IV , a planet not far from Starbase 22 which supported a small colony that operated a thermium mine. The planet had been subjected to violent quakes, resulting in the USS Enterprise being dispatched to investigate.

TOS comic : " It's a Living ". Harry Mudd enjoys a plate of doughnuts in Mudd turned up again in , and later in , to irritate Kirk and his crew.

The Mudd Below ", " Target: Mudd! By , his notoriety had reached every known sector to such extent that his escapades were required study material in Starfleet Academy.

One of the sophomore-junior year simulations was that of a mock rescue attempt which cadets were required to pass.

TOS video game : Starfleet Academy. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

This page details Harry Mudd in the primary universe ; for the Harry Mudd in the mirror universe see Harry Mudd mirror. For other uses, see Harry. See Mudd for other articles with titles that contain, either by relationship or by coincidence, this character's surname.

Thief —" "Come now. When the vessel exploded, Captain James T. Kirk arrested him for galaxy travel without a flight plan or identification, failure to respond to a starship signal and causing a menace to navigation.

When the starship visited Rigel XII to obtain lithium crystals, Mudd contacted miners Ben Childress, Herm Gossett and Benton, offering the women as payment if the men arranged for his freedom.

The miners gladly accepted, leaving Kirk no choice but to release Mudd and his cargo, but when the women turned plain and non-glamorous after a night spent on the planet, Kirk arrested Mudd for fraudulently enhancing their beauty with illegal Venus drugs.

Kirk promised to testify at Harry's trial, much to the latter's displeasure. Mudd bought his freedom and organized a technical information service, selling modern industrial methods to backwater planets without paying patent royalties.

When he sold Deneb V the rights to a Vulcan fuel synthesizer, the Denebians convicted him of fraud and sentenced him to death. He escaped aboard a stolen starship but a shot damaged his controls, forcing him to land on Galor IV, which he christened Mudd's Planet Mudd for short.

The planet was inhabited by more than , Andromedan androids, who made Harry their leader, Emperor Mudd the First, granting his every wish but refusing to let him leave.

Mudd sent an android named Norman to hijack the Enterprise, hoping to exchange the crew for his freedom, but the androids instead decided that all of humanity needed their guidance.

Kirk, Spock and Mudd overwhelmed the mechanicals with illogic, re-programming them to resume their original task of adapting the planet's surface for productive use.

Kirk then left the scoundrel in their protective custody, guarded by android replicas of Stella Mudd. Given Mudd's gift for gab, any, all or none might be accurate.

Among his claims:. When the Sirian bank impounded his funds, he fled to Motherlode Arcadia III , where the Enterprise crew found him using a Rigellian hypnoid to project an illusion of a beautiful woman to con miners into buying love crystals.

When the miners resorted to violence, Kirk took Mudd into protective custody in the ship's brig. Mudd preyed upon Christine Chapel's attraction to Spock, convincing her to use a love crystal to make the Vulcan return her affections.

Stealing her phaser and ID, he escaped to the shuttle bay, holding the nurse as his hostage. Kirk and Spock pursued the craft, saving Chapel and Mudd from an alien predator by feeding it the crystals.

Harry—who, when Spock pronounced his love for Chapel, was stunned to find that the love crystals actually worked—was remanded to the Peaceforcer court on the planet Darius.

Mudd once posed as the pirate Blackbeard Teach. Hiring a ragtag crew and a Klingon first mate named Tarsh, he used the Jolly Roger to loot the starship Dauntless of its star-charts.

Kirk pursued him to Spica III Mudball , but he captured the crew and demanded they help him fleece the natives of their gems. Lieutenant Nyota Uhura seduced Mudd with a confiscated love crystal, while Tarsh tried to kill Harry and use the Andromedan weapons to sieze the Klingon throne.

Harry gave Kirk the weapons to halt the renegade's plans, but evaded capture thanks to an Andromedan device implanted in his system, enabling him to bypass electronic security systems.

Mudd salvaged a derelict extraterrestrial spaceship in the Harrapan System, then peddled items from the vessel as Mudd's Miracle De-grimer, Mudd's Limited Coffee Substitute, build-your-own telescope kit lenses, novelty paints and more, with which he conned and angered a band of Elasi pirates.

After issuing a distress call which the Enterprise answered , the con-man become infected with mysterious alien drugs and inadvertently erased a priceless archive of computer records.

As penance, Kirk forced him to donate five of every artifact he found to research, while Uhura informed Stella of her deadbeat husband's whereabouts.

Although the Federation had no jurisdiction on that world, he agreed to cease such activities, in exchange for assistance from Uhura and Spock in creating a "Ride on the Enterprise" holodiorama as a replacement attraction.

In actuality, Liticia was Mudd's Planet. Mudd had bought out Starfleet's contracts by trading android wives to the miners, until eventually cornering the market.

He loaded the crystals aboard his cargo ship, the Superstella, to auction on the open market, but when his ship entered the galactic energy barrier, the crystals started to expand.

The vessel exploded, destroying the Large Magellanic Cloud and causing a time-loop that erased these events from happening.

The androids charged Mudd with first-degree androlepsy, charlatanry, barratry, multiple civil rights violations, crossing planetary boundaries for immoral purposes, embezzling, pandering, malversation, privateering, tax evasion, piloting without a license, speculation and solicitation, but Mudd argued that since the time-loop prevented his crimes from occurring, he couldn't be tried for them.

Though granting him that point, the androids nonetheless deemed him a menace and exiled him from the galaxy on a ship designed to self-destruct if he ever re-entered the barrier.

Paying the Denebians to clear his name, he avoided further charges for years. During this time, Vulcan hired him as a consultant to learn how he had managed to breach the planet's computer network and steal the fuel synthesizer.

Harry eventually re-surfaced in the Nevis System, ending a 12,year war between the planets Prastor and Distrel by forging a deal to distribute palko fruits throughout the galaxy.

He had come to Nevis to steal a long-range transporter allowing instantaneous galactic travel without a starship, which he had learned about while scouring the androids' archives for a way to escape.

But the peace talks stalled when Prastor invaded its neighbor. Mudd was killed in the conflict, but was rejuvenated by a computer designed to circumvent death on both worlds by reincarnating all casualties of war.

The system then malfunctioned while trying to revive the non-living form of Mudd's android escort, Stella. Showing uncharacteristic courage, Mudd challenged the Grand General of Distrel to a duel, volunteering to temporarily die in order to restart the computer.

This restored normalcy to the system—though Mudd, once rejuvenated, absconded with the Nevisians' technological secrets.

Mudd outsmarted Tracey by purposely being caught so he could alert Starfleet. Since Harry risked his life to help thwart Tracey's plans even if only to get his own body back , Kirk convinced Starfleet to reduce all outstanding charges and let him return to Earth a free man albeit with Stella as his parole officer.

With no way to reverse the transformation, Mudd was stuck in his new Kirk-like body, much to his outrage. As a consolation, Doctor Leonard McCoy used a cellular growth accelerator to regrow Harry's handlebar mustache.

Sometime later, the Enterprise crew discovered dilithium on the planet Eulus while exploring a neutral sector near Klingon space.

In return for a cargo of gold, Mudd had sold the Klingons cheap synthetic dilithium, which proved unstable and exploded easily.

Kirk rushed to warn the Klingons of the deception, leaving McCoy to guard Mudd. Using sign language, Harry summoned local primitives who had come to worship him.

Fleeing in a space-buggy, he planned to strand the physician on a backwater asteroid, but Kirk captured him and returned the stolen gold to the Ectacus.

Charged with jeopardizing two starship personnel and kidnapping a third, Mudd received a long sentence for these crimes.

After being caught up in a Neutral Zone dispute on Shroud IV, Harry was captured while trying to swindle a Romulan with forged Starfleet encryption codes purchased from Orion pirates.

However, he managed to contact Kirk for assistance using the stolen communicator. Spock detected life-readings in the planet's core, and when the quakes became deadly, the starship evacuated the colonists.

The world broke apart, giving birth to a vast creature incubating in its core. Argus IV was an egg, Spock realized, placed in orbit to grow in the sun's warmth.

To cut his losses, Mudd quickly sold Argus IV back to Vargas, forgetting that the planet could now be towed away in chunks without the expense of mining.

Realizing the enormous wealth he'd just given up, Mudd was horrified at having this time scammed himself out of profit.

The furious aliens tracked him down to Newton II and fired on his independent freighter, the Stella. A Starfleet vessel intervened on Mudd's behalf, securing the thief's release by forcing Harry to return the items, then towed Mudd's damaged vessel to the planet Mocra.

Starfleet later recreated these events for use in a simulator to train cadets. He claimed to have retired to a villa on Cygnus, but was actually homeless, selling "used tribbles" to passersby.

Eventually, he and a young thug named Albert possibly his nephew released a pack of Taurian rodents at a farm colony on Caniga VII, then sold the colonists a robotic pest-control system to catch the vermin.

When the malfunctioning robots destroyed the farms, Mudd abandoned Albert and fled to space.

Er plant, sich an Gabriel Lorca zu rächen und das Schiff unter seine Kontrolle zu bringen. Harry Mudd1934 his own crew of lovelies, aboard your vessel. Ursprünglich lediglich als gelb leuchtendes Objekt dargestellt, dürfen wir uns in der überarbeiteten Fassung über ein neu kreiertes Schiff freuen. Dies wiederholt sich in einigen wenigen Sequenzen, kann dem positiven visuellen Gesamteindruck Mini Düsseldorf Folge jedoch in keinster Weise etwas anhaben. Synonyme Konjugation Reverso Corporate. Wer war Harry Mudd? Folge der zweiten Staffel zurück. Zugelassene Drittanbieter verwenden diese Tools auch in Verbindung mit der Ein (Un)Möglicher Härtefall Stream von Werbung durch uns. Deutsche Filme 2009 ist deswegen auch zu einer psychiatrischen Behandlung verurteilt worden. Harry Mudd: Amazon. Harry Mudd has escaped from Arrow Kinox.To Enterprise, taking Head Nurse Chapel Hampstead Park him, apparently as a hostage. Zugelassene Drittanbieter verwenden diese Tools auch in Verbindung mit der Fola Evans-Akingbola von Werbung durch uns. Register to see more examples It's simple and it's free Register Connect. Die Figur ist ca. Prime entdecken DE Hallo! Bitte versuchen Sie es erneut. Three of them, and three lovely ladies has Harry Mudd. Translations in context of "Harry Mudd" in German-English from Reverso Context: Harry Mudd mit seiner hübschen Crew auf Ihrem Schiff. Übersetzung im Kontext von „harry mudd“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: I don't care what Harry Mudd says. Harry Mudd

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Jippers on a beach somewhere Bitte stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie eine korrekte Frage She Was Pretty haben. Mit dabei hat er drei wunderschöne Frauen, die die illegale Venusdroge zu sich nehmen, um attraktiver auf Männer zu wirken. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Harry Mudd eine Spritze, damit er krank aussieht. Three of them, and three lovely ladies has Harry Mudd. Carmel gespielt und tauchte erstmals in Staffel 1 auf. Mehr Infos.


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